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Creating a climate of participation in vulnerable communities

Now more than ever, we need to provide a way for our students to become environmental leaders in their schools and communities. There is no better way to do this than through direct participation. Later this year, on April 29, millions will throughout the United States will participate in the People’s Climate Mobilization to advocate for green protections.

In order to be seen and heard, CLEAN is now implementing its membership drive through our website. Anyone can become a member, free of charge, at www.cleannetwork. org/become_a_member. CLEAN will continue to provide its members with key environmental educational information and research tools.

We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. That is one of the reasons the California Latino Environmental Advocacy Network (CLEAN) was established in 2014 — to advocate for clean air and water, and to promote environmental education in public schools and community efforts. We have to become active citizens and participants in our society to protect our environment and civil rights.

We must teach our young students the importance of environmental issues and how these issues apply to their daily lives. Climate change is not just an international issue — it is a local issue impacting the health of millions of Californians.

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